IELTS Speaking Section Part 1, 2 and 3 - Holiday and Tourism


IELTS Speaking Section Part 1, 2 and 3 - Holiday and Tourism
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IETLS Speaking Section Part 1 - Talking about Familiar Topics

Tourism in You Country

Can you please tell me about your home country?

So, I'm from Indonesia. Indonesia is an archipelago country located in Southeast Asia. There are around 17.000 islands here, so the country is really huge in terms of landmass. Indonesia is also known as the country with the largest Muslim population in the world. Although the country is predominantly Muslim, there is a strong sense of multiculturalism here. People are coming from different ethnicities, they have different culture, they speak different regional languages and dialects, they embrace different religions. In fact, the motto of our country is Bhinneka Tunggal Ika. The phrase is originally from old Javanese, and it sort of means unity in diversity.

Are there a lot of foreign visitors in your country?

Yes. Many of these visitors come to Indonesia as a tourist, so they are here on a holiday. I've met some foreigners who came here for business, or to study in Indonesian universities, but I think they are here mostly for vacation. There are several places that become the heaven for tourists such as Bali, Lombok, or Jogjakarta. I suppose the most famous one would be Bali. It is known not only for the beautiful beaches but also for the culture.

What makes your country particularly interesting for the visitors?

There are a lot of interesting things in here, but the ones that attract a lot of tourists are natural beauty and culture. Some people may come to Indonesia to learn more about history or to enjoy culinary, but culture and nature are definitely the most common reasons for visiting in this country.

What kind of holiday activities you would recommend foreign tourists to enjoy?

Well, it depends on what they want to enjoy here. People who like sightseeing definitely want to go to places like Bali and Lombok. They have beautiful natural sceneries, especially beaches. For those who like cultural things, they can go to places like Jogjakarta or Bromo, in East Java. We can actually find cultural events in all parts of Indonesia, but I cannot explain all of them, since I haven't attended all of these events, just a few of them. Actually, it's not just the cultural event that may attract tourists. The culture also includes traditional houses, like the ones that we see in Sumatera, or traditional clothing like batik or tenun. People who like going to historical places may want to visit Borobudur or Prambanan Temple. The ones that I highly recommend is a visit to national parks. We have exotic animals and plants, like komodo dragons or Rafflesia Arnoldii. This holiday activity is highly recommended because people may not be able to see these rare species elsewhere. Rafflesia Arnoldii, for example, can only be found in the island of Sumatera and Borneo.

What impact that tourism brings to your country?

The most obvious one would be economic impact. Tourism becomes one of the main sources of income for the country, and it's not just national income. There are a lot of big industries that get benefit from tourism, like hotels, restaurants, and bars. Locals who sell food and souvenirs or become a tour guide can also get economic benefit from the tourists. 

Are there any negative impacts as well?

Of course, there will always be a downside of tourism, and this not only happens in my country, really. For example, many people express their concern about the environmental impact resulted from tourism. There are some social impacts too. Some tourist's behavior may not be in accordance with local tradition and custom, and this can be annoying at times. Of course not all tourists behave badly in here, there is just a small number of tourist that behave badly. I've seen some tourists got drunk and disorderly in the public, or ride a motorcycle not wearing a helmet.

IELTS Speaking Section Part 2 - Self-Presentation

An Interesting Place You Have Visited

Describe and interesting place you have ever visited

You should say

What place is it?

Why did you come to that place?

What did you do there?

Why do you think that place is interesting?

What place is it?

In 2015, I went to United States for a summer school program, and one of the most memorable part of the program is a visit to Philadelphia. Philadelphia has a vibrant history and a lot of historical landmarks, and I am the kind of who likes visiting historical sites. 

Why did you come that place?

I went there for a summer school program, in which we learned about American democracy. Well, learning the American history also becomes an important part of the program, and Philadelphia is a city that has a historical significance. 

What did you do there?

The program schedule was very tight, and there were a lot of things that I, and other participants had to do. In the morning we had a lecture on American history. In the afternoon we had a tour, then we got to discuss what we had learned from the lecture and the tour in the evening. During our visit to Philadelphia, we went to the Independence National Historical Park, African American Museum, and The Library Company. We even had a ghostly tour along the back streets and secret gardens of Philadelphia.

Why do you think that place is interesting?

I really like going to historical places, so the visit is definitely my favorite. There are a lot of beautiful old buildings, statues, and memorials. Some of these landmarks were built more than a hundred years ago so they have a historical significance. We get to know more about American history, and how the country had turned from a colony into a superpower country that it is today

IELTS Speaking Section Part 3 - Discussion

Do you like travelling in a group or by yourself?

I'd rather travel with others, because travelling alone will only enable you to capture memories of a place. When we travel with family or friends, we can also create a lasting memories with them.

In what season do you prefer to travel?

Well, most people would say that summer is the best season for holiday. There will be no rain, snow or storm that will force you to stay at the hotel. Summer is the perfect time for playing sports or sunbathing. But personally, I've always wanted to have a winter holiday. I live in a tropical country, so I have never seen a snow before. I want to try playing winter sport or just build a snowman.

What do you like to do when visiting a new place?

One thing that I always do when going to a new place, like when I'm travelling overseas, is buying books. Yes, it may sound strange to some people, because normally we will buy souvenirs like clothes or handcrafts when going to a new place. Well, I choose books because I'm a collector of old books. So, what I mean by buying books is like buying used books that are sold in small bookstores, not the new ones. Having a used book means that we also have the memories that live with it. I also like buying rare books, especially the ones that I won't be able to find in my country, either because the book is banned or yet to be translated. There's a sense of satisfaction when I can lay my hands on a book that cannot and should not be distributed because of censorship, not because I like controversy but because I like the freedom. We should always have a control of what we say, or what we do, but we should always have the freedom when it comes to thinking, imagining, enjoying artistic form and appreciating the beauty of a prose. There are constraints in form of norms, laws, or traditions but there shouldn't be any limit to what a human mind is capable of.

Do you think it is important to learn local language when travelling to other country?

Yes, it is. It's difficult to learn a new language and we don't have to be fluent in such language to enjoy travelling, but I think it is important to at least memorize some basic phrases like sorry, excuse me, thank you, and please. We may also find it hard to go around when visiting a new place so we need to learn how to ask direction as well. Other than that, learning a local language will help you build better connection with the local people. Locals appreciate our effort to learn their language because it is a sign that we not only want to have fun as a tourist but also to completely immerse in the community. 

Have you ever had a trip that made you feel disappointed?

Yes, although it was just for a moment. So, one day, I went to a small regency to make a documentary movie about cultural event held in an ancient temple. It was an assignment from one of my lecturers, actually. It was during a rainy season when my group went to film the event. We had planned to visit some museums and enjoy the local culinary on the day we arrived there, but it rained all day and we had to stay in our hotel, so we were pretty disappointed. Thankfully, the second day was sunny and we could film the whole event without worrying about the rain. We didn't get to enjoy the local attractions there on the first day but at least we could finish our assignment.

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