About Us

This is an educational website for learning English. The website is designed for my students at International Development Program. However, everyone is welcomed here and you can use the information all you want for the sake of education. I made this fun yet effective learning website for several reasons:

1. I personally think that information should be easily accessed by everyone, especially information intended for the purpose of education, personal development, and the betterment of human kind in general.

2. I was a student majoring linguistics and from what I know from years of study and ample experience, English is a major factor for engaging in a more globalized world.

3. I live in a third country where English is not commonly spoken or used by any other means. People now start realizing how English can actually affect their lives and how it offers opportunity in terms of career and academic not just in their country, but around the world.

4. However, the study of English in developing countries has several barriers that, instead of considering English as a language that opens door (of opportunity) around the world, the people here consider English as the main reason why they give up their dreams. I personally think that it's got to change.

5. So I work as an IELTS and TOEFL trainer specifically, and an English teacher in general. My students come from different background of career ranging from doctor to lecturer. They also come from different background of study ranging from psychology to nuclear engineering. And I do believe, that someday we will need their expertise to establish the society and help the country tackle so many problems regarding the economy, technology, education, and social justice.

6. This website is a free source of material and exercises for everyone, and I try my best to make it clear from any unwanted materials concerning copyright infringement, pornography, cyber crime, or any other harmful things.

7. I hope that whoever reading this website for learning English will pass whatever exams they have to face, wherever they want to pursue higher education or career, whatever college they want to apply for, whatever major they want to take and whatever contribution they want to make.

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