About Us

This is an educational blog for learning English, and is specifically designed for those who are preparing for IELTS and TOEFL. However, everyone is welcomed here and you can use the information all you want for educational purpose. 

I made this fun yet effective educational blog for several reasons:

1. I personally think that information should be easily accessed by everyone, especially information intended for the purpose of education and personal development

2. English is an important factor to succeed in the more globalized world

3. English often becomes a requirement for those who want to advance their academic and professional career, at least here in my country

4. Learning could be a big challenge for people whose first language is not English, and I'm trying to do whatever I can to help

If you have the same understanding and vision as I do, please share the ideas.

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If you want to give some feedback, suggestions, or even criticism, reach me through freeschool.id@gmail.com