IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample (Package 5)

As computers are being used more and more in education, there will be soon no role for teachers in the classroom

Sample Answer

Technological advancement has significant impact on almost all human life aspects, especially education. Nowadays, there are more and more students who rely on computer when learning or doing school assignment. Some of them have even taken online learning to another level by completely leaving the traditional way of teaching and learning. This has raised a concern regarding the possibility of education being entirely taken over by technology.

Computer is an amazing tool which can be used to help the users accomplish certain task, ranging from the simplest task to the most complex one. Learning is no exception. The role of computer becomes more and more important as internet was invented, making it possible for the people to share and access information. Nowadays, there are so many online learning platform which can help students learn better through educational content, pdf books and podcast. In university level, it is common for the students to learn through distance learning. This has posed several challenges to educators, as they have to catch up with technology and update –and in some cases, upgrade their teaching method. Despite the fact that technology has become a common means of learning, I strongly agree that it will never replace the role of a teacher.

There are several reasons why technology can never replace a teacher. First of all, education is not just about transferring knowledge and skill to the pupils. There are so many cases where it involves giving motivation, realizing someone potentials, helping students with their self-regulation, and finding the best way of achieving someone’s future success. In terms of access to knowledge and information, technology seems to be undefeated. This is true since internet has created a web of knowledge which makes it possible for human to learn everything online. Secondly, computer will never be able to consider the students’ feeling and motivation, since the relationship between the two does not involve any emotional aspect. Teachers, on the other hand, never fail to give emotional support for the students. For example, when a student is having a personal problem with their family or peers, a teacher knows how to help the student deal with their problem, and not just telling them to finish certain task.

To conclude, there are several aspects involved in education. When it comes to the access of information and the transfer of knowledge, computer will be a great help in teaching and learning process. However, we have to remember that educating a person is not the same as installing a program to a computer. There are many aspects of education that technology can’t handle, and this is why it will never replace the role of a teacher.

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