IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample (Package 4)


For school children, their teachers have more influence on their intelligence and social development than their parents

To what extent do you agree or disagree

Sample answer

School is a place where children can gain knowledge and develop their interpersonal skill. It is generally believed that teachers have strong influence on children’s intelligence and social development. While I accept that pupils are acquiring most of their academic skills from the teachers, I would argue that children’s manner and social traits are mostly influenced by their parents.

When it comes to the pursuit of knowledge, motivation, and critical thinking, teachers are having a very significant role in children’s development. It often starts from day one at school, that the teachers help the younger members of society to find their passion and learn how to achieve it. There are so many examples of students that owe their lifelong love of a subject to dedicated teachers who used to teach them in high school. Besides teaching and motivating their pupils, a teacher would also be someone who listen with enthusiasm, as their pupils share some insight and explain their future aspirations. This is true since education itself is the art of combining professional skill in teaching and a more personal aspect like motivation, inspiration, and social awareness.

However, it is quite undeniable that parents would more likely be a role model for children. In fact, children’s behavior is often determined by the way parents raise them. As an illustration, we can think of children who suffer from neglectful parenting style. They often model their parents and thus, become socially deprived. In the case of children who grow up in an abusive family, they often end up being a troubled student at school. Home is where children should get a good moral framework. There is no point of excelling academically if their parents do not care much about their children’s feeling and self-esteem. It is hardly possible to expect children to perform well at school, if their parents never teach them how to respect and appreciate others.

In conclusion, children’s upbringing is significantly affected by their parents. The duty of an educator is to facilitate learning, helping the children to find what they are passionate about, and teaching them how achieve their goals in life. Parents, on the other hand, should be the ones who raise their children with moral education and affection.

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