IELTS Writing Task 1 Sample (Package 6)

Here are some samples of IELTS Writing Task 1 which will help you prepare for the test. If you haven't read our post on Writing Task 1 material, you can find it here

The map compares the layout of a city hospital in 2007 and 2010. Overall, there were several major changes taking place within a three year period. It includes the emmergence of several facilities and roads which connected them.

In 2007, there were not so many facilities near the hospital. It was surrounded by a ring road. The hospital building was connected to the City Road in the south by the Hospital Road. On the left and right hand side of the hospital road, there were several bus stops. In the south eastern part of city hospital was a parking lot for public and the staff.

Ten years later, the hospital was still surrounded by the same Ring Road, only now it had a roundabout in the south of the hospital building. The staff and the public car park were now separated. Staff can park their vehicle in the south eastern part of the hospital, while the public should use a public car park in the east of the hospital building.  There was another roundabout connecting Hospital Road and City Road in the far south. The two roundabouts lead to a new bus station which is located in the south west of the hospital building. Due to the construction of roundabouts and bus station, several bus stops along Hospital Road had to be demolished.

The picture compares the process of producing cement and concrete. The process consists of several stages. In general, the production of concrete requires more precise measurement of the used materials.

To produce cement, limestone and clay are crushed using crusher. These are the main materials used for making cement. After being crushed, they will turn into powder which has smaller texture. This powder is then put inside a mixer in order to get a perfect mixture. After going through the mixer, the powder then goes to the rotating heater. The mixed powder is heated, and then goes to a grinder. Grinder is used to turn the processed powder into cement which has smaller texture. Finally, the cement is then put into bags.

Cement is one of the materials used for making concrete. It makes up as much as 15% of all materials used for concrete production. Concrete is made of the mixture of 15% cement and 25% sand, 10% water and 50% gravel. In the production process, these materials are mixed using a concrete mixer.

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