IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample (Package 2)

Safety standards are important when building a house. Who should be responsible for reinforcing the safety standard of a house?

Sample Answer
As the world’s population continues to increase, there is more and more demand for housing. There are so many types of private dwelling, ranging from conventional house to vertical buildings. In all cases of building, safety standard is one of many aspects which needs to get a serious attention. In my personal opinion, home owners, government and constructor are responsible for ensuring that the house will not pose any potential danger to the dwellers. There are so many examples of potential danger resulted from the violation of safety standard in housing, This writing aims to outline three cases in which illustrate the significance of safety standard in residential homes.

First of all, the safety of a house should be the responsibility of each individual. Home owners should realize the potential threat like electrical shortage, fire, or accident. In the case of fire, for example, every house should have fire extinguisher and fire exit. Parents should make sure that the layout of the house is safe for the younger members of the family, especially if they have small children. There are several cases where toddlers are falling off the stairs because the parents are not aware that such accident could potentially happen and injure their children. In some fatal cases, there might be casualties in such incident, especially when a family lives in vertical building like apartment. For instance, there are several cases where toddlers are falling off a balcony. This usually happens when parents do not lock the door and do not realize that that the children play outside.

In terms of the safety, contractors and developers are responsible for complying with standard engineering requirement. Sadly, many of them often ignore safety in order to minimize cost, without knowing that what they do can jeopardize the people’s life. In this case, government carries at least half of the responsibility to monitor the compliance of a building developer. Moreover, government also needs to consider strengthening policy on housing in vulnerable areas, like fire-prone areas or earthquake-prone area. By taking some precautions and building more resilient housing, it is hoped that there no longer be loss of life.

From the explanation above, it can be inferred that the aspect of safety in housing should get more attention from all stakeholders. Individuals have to anticipate any danger by providing safety tool kits like fire extinguisher. As the ones who design and build the housing, contractors are responsible for meeting the safety standard. Government share the same responsibility and has to monitor the compliance of developer as well as strengthening policy on housing safety.

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