IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample (Package 1)

Some people believe that teenagers should be required to do unpaid community work in their free time. This can be beneficial for both the teenagers and the community

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this notion?

Sample Answer
Young generation plays an important role in the society, since their brilliant and innovative mind can always come up with better solutions for all problems we currently face. There are many ways of giving meaningful contribution to the community, and doing community work is just one of them.

It is traditionally believed that involvement in social work can benefit not only the society, but also the teenagers themselves. By doing social work, teenagers will better understand the importance of social integrity. They can also find out what they can do best in their future life. For example, when a teenager joins a teaching volunteer program, they will come to a realization that education is one of the most important aspects in life. By understanding the importance of education, teenagers may find interest in being a teacher or an educator. Sadly, education can sometimes be a commodity which is affordable only to the privileged few. Teenagers will understand the harsh fact that some people out there still cannot get an access to education due to financial condition, social prejudice, or even racial discrimination. This condition often raises an awareness among teenagers with high social intelligence. It may take some time for teenagers to find out the source of the problem. As they will begin to understand what they should do to alleviate the problems, their eager and brilliant mind will start formulating some solutions to change the society for the better. Problems related to education might be difficult to solve. But with the dedication and hard work of the eager young mind, this problem will eventually be tackled.

However, doing unpaid community work is not the only way to change the society for the better. It is inevitable that this kind social activity does not appeal to some younger members of society, and hence, should never be a mandatory activity. I personally believe that transformation can actually be done without forcing someone to do what they are not interested in. It is important to note that teenagers do not have to give up their passion or future aspirations to help others, and that social awareness should not be a result of a  coercion. In fact, teenagers can actually find what is best for them and others if they are given a proper guidance and chance to do what they love. For instance, teenagers who are good at programming or web design can develop a tool, such as app or online platform, to help the unfortunate children with their study. Nowadays, there are many startup companies which are run by young generation. These companies not only focus on getting profit, but also improving the life of others. The idea of online and distance learning has revolutionized our education and made it more easily accessible by everyone. In this case, teenagers can still generate decent income from online platform that they create and at the same time, making a significant impact on the society. The ability to create and innovate is one thing which differentiates the old and young generations. When the older generation cannot solve a problem using their traditional approach, the creative mind of the younger members of the society can always come up with an alternative solution.

It can be concluded that there are different ways of giving contribution to the community. Participating in an unpaid community work will definitely be a chance for the teenagers to give a significant impact on society. But, we also have to realize that it is not the only way to change the society for the better.

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