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The diagram illustrates the growth of India’s population and China’s population in fifty years span from 2000 to 2050 based on the data of United Nation Population Division. Population in India has increasing trend, while population of China has fluctuating trend, which it will rise up until 2025 and then slowly decline until 2050.
First of all, India’s population in 2000 was around one billion people and steadily rose to just below 1,2 billion in 2010. The number is predicted rising in constant pace such as just above 1,3 billion in 2020, 1,45 billion in year 2030, around 1,525 in 2040, and goes up to 1,6 billion in 2050.
China’s population was already bigger in number compared to India, which was around 1,25 billion in 2000. The number increased to 1,35 billion in 2010, and will rise to slightly above 1,4 billion in 2020. However, the amount of people in China will slightly fall under 1,45 billion in 2020, after the number goes up to 1,45 billion in 2025. The trend is predicted a decreasing trend after 2030 with the total population in China in 2040 decreases to 1,425 billion and slightly under 1,4 billion in 2050.
Arrangement of the ideas
Do not give any specific information in the overview, just give general explanation. Omit which it will rise up until 2025 and then slowly decline until 2050.
…is predicted to rise
Omit “such as”
…in the year of 2030
Go up (as a result of the previous use of to infinitive)
…to that of India
…will rise slightly to above
….number of people in China. “People” is countable noun so the quantifier should be number not amount
…below 1,45 billiom
…after going up to.. (simply use gerund after Prep)
…is predicted to be a decreasing trend

……total population in China decreases to 1,425 billion in 2040 (put the adverb at the back)


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