IELTS Speaking Section Part 1, 2 and 3 - Clothes

IELTS Speaking Section Part 1, 2 and 3 - Clothes

IELTS Speaking Section Part 1 - Talking about Familiar Topics


Are clothes important to you?

Of course they are. Clothes protect us from harsh weather and become a way of showing our social status. Clothes can also have a special function like thick leather jacket that motorcyclists wear for safety reason. There are also clothes that are worn only for style.

What kind of clothes do you usually wear?

I always wear casual clothes, except when I'm at work. I work from nine to five so I wear formal attire quite often. I'm not a fashionable person so, there are only two choices of clothes for me, either formal or casual. Some people out there like to choose what to wear based on color, style, or whatever but I don't do that.

What's your favorite colors of clothes?

I only have three color preference for clothes, which are black, grey and brown. I also have clothes of other color, but most of them are dark colors. I don't wear clothes with bright color because they look kind of weird on me.

Where do you usually buy your clothes?

I buy my clothes in malls, mostly. I rarely buy clothes and if I do, I always buy clothes from brands that I already trust. So, I'm actually quite picky when it comes to buying clothes. I always buy clothes that are comfortable, durable, and simple, usually with no more than two colors. I don't like clothes that are too fancy or too tacky because they usually draw attention, and I don't like attention.

Have you ever worn the traditional clothes of your country?

Yes, I often wear batik, one of the traditional clothes of my country. Batik is a clothing that is suitable for formal event like family meeting or wedding. Besides, I am a Javanese and batik is a traditional clothing that Javanese are really proud of. It is also an important part of Javanese culture that needs to be preserved.

Is there any clothing that you personally dislike?

Yes, I don't like oversized clothes and clothes with bright colors. They may look good on other people but they don't look good on me. Some people like wearing oversized T-shirt or sagging pants just to follow trend. I don't feel comfortable just seeing them pulling up their pants every now and then.

IELTS Speaking Section Part 2 - Self-Presentation


Describe the time when you had to wear a uniform

You should say:

What uniform were you wearing?

When and where did you wear it?

For what event did you wear the uniform?

Explain what you feel about having to wear a uniform

What uniform were you wearing?

I wore uniform when I was a student, from kindergarten until high school. In my country, students have to wear uniform to school, and each education level has its own uniform. Elementary school students wear white shirt and red trousers or skirt, junior high school students wear white shirt and blue trousers or skirt, and senior high school students wear white shirt and grey trousers or skirt. There are also other uniform that students have to wear, such as batik, scout uniform, and even uniform for physical education.

When and where did you wear it?

I wear the uniform at school, Monday until Saturday, 7 AM until 5 PM. I always brought spare clothes because I have extracurricular activities or extra courses after school, and I was not supposed to wear the uniform because it will get dirty and messy. I also had to bring running shoes for outdoor activities. Students must wear black shoes and white socks when studying, but were advised to have spare shoes. I also joined the karate club in high school, so I had to bring the karate gi as well, because I wouldn't be allowed to enter the dojo unless I had the proper clothing.

For what event did you wear the uniform?

In my school, uniform was not worn only on special event. It was worn most of the time. Students who were not wearing the proper uniform would get punishment. Sometimes, they forgot to wear the accessories like tie, or hat, and would be sent to detention, meaning that they wouldn't be able to go to classes. If they happened to have a quiz and had to spend their time in detention, then they would be in a serious trouble. Not attending a quiz would often result in parents being called to school, which often meant that we would get a trouble at home as well. 

Explain what you feel about having to wear a uniform

was really proud of wearing my school uniform, because for me, the uniform was more like a reward rather than an obligation. My high school uniform is a case on point. I studied in one of the most prestigious schools in the city, and I had to compete with a lot of students just to get accepted there. When I first wore the school uniform, I felt like all of my hard work and preparation to enroll to that school had paid off. 

The uniform also motivated me to study hard because when I was wearing it, I was reminded that students there were very competitive. I realized that it wouldn't be easy for me to get good grades at school unless I did my best, considering the higher standard of the school and the capability of other students to meet the standard. Education is highly regarded here in my country, and competition among students is fierce. By wearing uniform, students can focus on what they are learning, instead of what they are wearing. 

IELTS Speaking Section Part 3 -  Discussion


Do people in your country follow fashion?

There are not so many people following fashion here in my country. Adults don't really follow fashion, especially male adults. They would rather wear something modest because adults already have a lot of things to think about, work, bills, family and whatnot. They don't really have the time or energy to choose what clothes to wear. As long as it is appropriate, then they will wear it. I know some people who like buying branded fashion products like gold watch, luxurious bags or anything like that, but they do it either for investment or collection. I wouldn't call it fashion per se, because in actuality, they don't like showing off their branded stuff. They like keeping it for themselves instead, and only wear that stuff on special occasions.

What kind of clothes do people in your country usually wear?

I live in a tropical country so normally, people wear clothes that are suitable for tropical weather. It's really hot in here, so you won't see people wear thick jacket indoor. They wear jacket when they are outdoor and travel by motorcycle, because they are afraid that their skin will burn on hot days. I've seen some people wear waterproof jacket in rainy season, because they don't want to bring an umbrella. They put their shoes in a plastic bag and wear flip flops because they don't want their shoes to be wet and dirty. People who drive a car don't need all these extra clothing and accessories because they won't catch the rain in rainy days or get burnt by the sun on hot days. They can just drive around and wear whatever they want regardless of the weather condition.

Do young people wear the same type of clothes as the elderly do?

Of course not. Elderly never look too dressy and tend to live in modesty, while young people like to look fashionable. Young people don't really mind wearing clothes that are a little bit uncomfortable to wear, such as skinny jeans or mini dress. Senior citizens would rather wear something that make them comfortable. I have never seen an elderly wearing a formal dress or traditional dress unless they are attending a very special event like wedding.

What do you think of branded clothing?

Branded clothing is good if we prioritize quality, beauty, functionality, and durability, and I really don't mind paying extra money if it's worth it. I have ever bought a watch with low quality and it was already damaged few months after I purchased it. Since then, I would rather buy branded products, because it can last for ten years or more. I don't buy a lot of stuff but when I do, I usually buy products with high quality. Some people buy branded products for prestige but I don't want to spend much money doing that.

Can clothes that someone wears tell us about their personality?

Yes, it can. People who wear modest clothing usually live a simple life. These people like practicality and comfort, and pay little to no attention to style because they want to focus on more important things in life like family, business or career. There are also people who always wear formal clothes because they are working people who have to look professional and have a responsibility of representing their company. However, the relationship between what people wear and their true personality is not always clear and straightforward. Some people wear fancy attire and look very classy, but turn out to be a bunch of shenanigans or even crooks. Clothes do not become a way of showing their personality but instead, disguising their true self. 

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