IELTS Speaking Section Part 1, 2, and 3 - Talking about Smartphones and Technology

IELTS Speaking Section Part 1 - Talking about Familiar Topics

Mobile Phone

Do you have a mobile phone?

Yes, I do. The device has a lot of functions, so I always have it with me. I use mobile phone not only for texting or calling somebody. Mobile phones have other essential features, such GPS, web browser, camera, and even music player. Basically, it sort of becomes an all-in-one device that everyone must have.

At what age did you first get a mobile?

I bought my first mobile phone when I was still in high school, so I was seventeen years old back then. It was an old-fashioned nokia. Like a typical nokia mobile phone, it was very durable and reliable. I still used the same mobile phone in college, but then I decided to buy a more sophisticated smartphone.

What do you most use it for?

I used it mostly for texting. It has an fm radio, and I turned the radio on most of the time. It was the only entertainment feature that the phone has, besides games. Well, it's a monochrome mobile phone, so it did not support multimedia features like camera or music player. I used it mostly for communication anyway, so I didn't bother not having a lot of features or anything.

Is it a nuisance if people use mobiles in public places?

Well, some of my friends can't stop checking their smartphone when we hang out. I myself often have to pick up a call from my clients or superiors, since I'm the one who is responsible of handling customer's complaint, is often expected to be ready 24/7. Sometimes, not picking up a call can put me in a lot of trouble.

For working people like us, being completely detached from gadget is nearly impossible. Of course, it could be very annoying to have a gadget addict around you. That's why I never check my smartphone unless I really have to. People in my closest circle are never too busy with their gadget, constantly scroll instagram feed or anything like that, because the real friends there have more interesting topics to talk about. Well, most of us would just keep our gadget inside our bags when hanging out. We do not silence the notificiation though, just in case someone receives a very important call or anything.

IELTS Speaking Section Part 2 - Self-Presentation


Describe a website that you often browse

You should say:

What is the website?

What is it about?

How often do you visit the website?

Why do you like visiting it?

What is the website?

There is this website that I like visiting, it's called asiatimes. It is an online news platform that provide information on various topics, ranging from economy, politics, and even entertainment.

What is it about?

The website covers various topics, but my favorite ones are economy and international politics. I'm not an expert in economic or political studies, so I mainly read news articles for entertainment. I like following the latest updates and knowing what recently happens around the world.

How often do you visit the website?

I visit the website every day, because they always have the latest update. I don't read premium articles that need to be paid for though, just the free articles. If the free article is yet to be posted, I usually try to get information elsewhere. I also read straits times, the diplomat, jakarta post and south china morning post. So, I never run out choices when it comes to information.

Why do you like visiting it?

The main reason why I like reading articles on this news platform is because I can always get new insight and see an issue from different perspectives. Some of the articles are written by contributors who have profound knowledge and expertise in their respected field, so the news is highly reliable. What most people want from a news platform is a real journalism.

IELTS Speaking Part 3 - Discussion

Technological Device

What is the most common technological device used in your country?

I think the most common gadget used by people in my country is smartphones, definitely smartphones. Smartphones become ubiquitous recently, since everything is done online. We have e-commerce, e-payment, and even e-government, to name a few.

Market for smartphones is no longer dominated by one brand, so the competition among smartphone manufacturers becomes higher. There are a lot of brands selling gadget at lower price, so people now have more options and can choose which brand will be suitable for their needs and budget. Smartphones used to be a luxury for many Indonesians, but now it has become a commonplace.

Do you think modern technology is useful?

Of course, it is. It makes our life easier. Let's take smartphones as an example. Before the era of modern communication device, it was difficult to communicate with friends, colleagues, or family members who lived far away. People used to write letter, but it takes days, or even weeks for the letter to be delivered. This is hard especially if you live in Indonesia. There are around  17.000 islands in this country, and communicating with people who live in different island was extremely difficult. But now, technology has overcome issues related to geographical boundaries. It becomes easier to communicate, to access information and to connect with people around the world. Of course, technological advancement will have some negative effects too, but it can be filtered and minimized. We just have to use technology wisely and responsibly.

Do you think people rely too much on technology?

Yes, I think so. Even the simplest thing like finding an address is now difficult unless we use google map. In the past, people had better navigational skill. Sometimes, people rely on technology because they have to. For instance, people who promote a product using conventional advertisement starts using online promotion channel because it is more effective and less costly.

The fact that people become more reliant on technology could sometimes be seen as a negative effect. It wouldn't be a good idea to be too dependent on something, and technology is no exception. But, the life becomes more complex and the use of technology is just inevitable.

Why do you think people spend too much money buying the latest technological device?

Most people buy new gadgets because they follow the trend. Like some years ago when cellphone had its music player, and then camera for the first time, monochrome cellphones were then no longer used. Some years later, cellphones that had new features like internet browser and social media became the trend, and then smartphones. The trend always changes and people tend to follow the trend. They don't mind spending money to get the most up-to-date technology.

I can say that avid gamers are among the biggest spenders, when it comes to buying the most up-to-date smartphones. Many of the latest games require a certain specifications, and gamers will get the latest device that will meet such requirement. If they play the latest game on old devices, it will keep lagging and whatnot.

However, there are also some people who really don't follow the trend. I myself am the kind of person who won't buy new smartphones unless I deem it necessary. The last time I bought a new smartphone was in 2017, and it was because my first smartphone did not support 4G LTE. I've been using the same smartphone for three years, and I will never buy a new one unless I have to. Some people half-jokingly say my phone is already archaic and needs to be preserved in a museum as a remnant of past civilization. But honestly, the phone still works just fine for me. Its specification may be lower than that of newer device, with less memory capacity, slower processor, as well as low revolution camera. But I don't need those features the same way other people need them.

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