IELTS Speaking Section Part 1, 2 and 3 - Transport

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IELTS Speaking Section Part 1 - Talking about Familiar Topics


How do you get here today?

I got here riding a motorcycle. always try to avoid the traffic as much as I possibly can, so, motorcycle is definitely the best choice of transport.

Do you often use public transport?

Not so often. I use public transport only when I have to travel long distance. For example, if I had to go to Jakarta for a business trip, I usually take the train or the plane. For everyday transport, I always ride motorcycle, like many Indonesians.

How often do you take buses?

Once a month. I take a bus to go to my hometown, because I visit my parents there regularly. It is a three-hour journey by bus. Actually, it is faster and more convenient to go to my hometown by train, but train schedule is not as flexible as that of buses.

Do you think people will drive more in the future?

With the rapid development of public transport and the emergence of private ride hailing platform like gojek or grab, I don't think more people will drive in the future. This is the most recent trend that becomes more and more popular, especially among the young, affluent, tech savvy, middle class generations. In the past, people would rather drive a private vehicle. But now that there are too many private vehicles and the road is often congested, people start using public transport or ride hailing service. 

People used to rely heavily on public transport because it was more affordable. Well, it still is affordable, actually. But now, as the living standard improves, people see comfort, service, and lifestyle as more important factors, compared to price. So, more and more people are using ride hailing service. This is why fewer and fewer people drive these days. Those who can afford private ride hailing transport will use this service instead, while those who see affordable price as their main consideration will use the public transport instead. No more driving.

Do you prefer public transport or private transport?

It really depends on the journey itself. As I said, I always ride motorcylce to do daily activities like going to work, buying groceries, or hanging out with my friends. But when it comes to long distance journey, like when I have to go to other towns or cities, I'd rather use public transport. Driving a car will definitely be too exhaustive as the road is often congested during the peak hours, while riding a motorcycle for long distance journey is not that safe either.

IELTS SPeaking Section Part 2 - Self-Presentation (Cue Card)

Transportation System

Describe a common transportation system for commuters in your city

You should say:

What kind of transport it is

What types of people use this transport

How convenient it is

Explain whether you like it or not

What kind of transport it is

People who work in the city usually commute using trains. Trains are chosen because they are much faster than bus, or other modes of transport. The price is also affordable, and the service is getting better and better.

What types of people use this transport

People who commute by trains are mostly working people. These people live in nearby towns, but work in the city. Because the road is usually congested, which means that it will take much more time for them to drive a private vehicle, people tend to choose commuter trains. These people work from nine to five, so they will be too exhausted to drive. This is another reason why trains are definitely the best option for them.

How convenient it is

Taking the trains used to be extremely inconvenient. The trains are dirty and crowded. People are smoking inside, there are large vendors selling stuff inside the train. Pickpocketing happened every now and then. Sometimes, we see people  train surfing, like hanging near the train doors or even sitting on the roof, because there were not so many staff to reinforce the regulation. But it was long time ago. Now, there has been a significant improvement of the public transport, especially trains. The trains is very clean and is not crowded. It has air conditioner. There are a lot of train police that ensure the safety of the passengers. We can buy food and beverage, as well as other services. 
Well, everything has been significantly improved.

Explain whether you like it or not.

I really like taking trains. Besides the improvement that I have mentioned earlier, the train service has been made better by technology. Buying a ticket can be done online, so we don't have to wait in a queue just to buy a ticket. They have an app that is used to buy tickets, to check available schedule, to see the price, and even to cancel a trip and refund the ticket. 

IELTS SPeaking Section Part 3 - Discussion

Public Transport

What kind of public transport do you have in your country

We have all sorts of public transport, ranging from bus, angkot, which is like a mini van, trains, airplanes, ships, and ferries. Recently, government is working on new projects such as the LRT and MRT too. My country is the fourth most populous country in the world, and it is an archipelago country. So, transportation is extremely important to assure the people's mobility. This is why a lot of public transports are provided here.

What kind of public transport do most people use

Recently, more and more people take planes to travel. As I said, my country is an archipelago country. Sometimes, people have to go to other islands, which means that they either have to take ferries or planes. Most people used to take ferries but now, as the economic condition improves, people can afford buying flight tickets.

What is your favorite type of public transport

I like taking planes, of course. It is faster and more convenient. Well, if I want to go to the capital city from where I live, it will take twelve to fourteen hours by trains. If I go there by plane, normally it will only take one and a half hour. Besides, I can never rest in the trains, despite all the comfort that it provides. Being in a confined space for fourteen hours makes me tired, my back hurts and my legs sleep most of the time. So, trains are not my favorite public transport for a business trip.

How could public transport in your country be improved?

Now that the quality has been significantly improved, government has to focus on the number of transports being provided. Public transport is great in big cities like Jakarta or Surabaya, but less developed regions, especially the ones located outside the main islands, still do not have good public transports. Providing good public transport also means that the government has to build infrastructure that will support the transport system. There will a lot of work to do because of the vast area of the country that needs to be covered. But, the government is now working on it, you know, decentralizing the infrastructure development. I'm sure public transports will be available in all regions in my country, sooner or later.

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