In IELTS Writing Task 2, one of the biggest challenges is idea stagnation. A test taker may stuck in the similar ideas and end up being unable to develop the writing and writing less than 250 words. This particularly happens when the topic being discussed is very specific and thus requires a high level of accuracy and relevancy. Take a look at this example:

Some people argue that technological inventions, such as mobile phones, are making people socially less interactive.
Do you agree or disagree?

This is one of many examples of topic which is really specific. In your writing, you have to lists several impacts of technology, whether positive or negative, and they're all have to be relevantly related to social life. Now, compare the previous topic with this topic below:

Some people argue that technological advancements, such as mobile phones, have more negative impacts rather than positive impacts.
Do you agree or disagree?

This topic is a way broader than the last that one can easily develop his/her writing without bothering about the relevancy, since the writing should be about technology and that's all about it. There are so many negative impacts of technology that one may find an infinite example and explanations, like:

a. Technology can cause addiction

b. Cyber pornography

c. Cyber bullying

d. Hoax and internet scam

e. Cyber crime

f. Makes people unproductive (if it is not used wisely)

g. and so on and so on

It is easier to explain the topic and thus, it is also quite easy to write down 250 words. You can even make a 120 pages book if you want.

Now, let's go back to writing with specific topic. How are we supposed to tackle the problems and meet the criteria for writing Argumentative Writing?

1. First of all, background knowledge. In order to be able to talk about "things", you need to know "things". This also happens when you want to write "things". It is definitely hard to talk about cyber crime when you don't even know what it means by "cyber crime". I'd advice you to start finding a motivation to read (newspaper, online article, anything, basically) and do an extensive reading. I mean, try to enjoy reading passage of different topics. This is necessary since IELTS Writing will challenge you by presenting a Writing Task 2 with a completely random topic. It can be about education, economy, technology, etc. If you have no prior knowledge in these topics, you may find it difficult to enjoy the flow of ideas in the Writing Task 2.

2. Master some of the most common academic vocabularies in English. One of many aspects that often slow you down when doing the Writing Task 2 is the need to find equivalent words in English. Finding equivalent words for sapi, le mur (wall) or sapi, vache (cow) may be easy enough but finding equivalent words in English like erode or veritable may take some time and this will slow you down, hampering your overall work and making it hard for you to finish the writing within the time allocation.

3. Make a good planning by using brainstorming. We already have a basic layout for Writing Task 2 and this can be a guide for arranging the most basic ideas you want to present in your writing, before developing them into complete sentences. For a simple yet powerful layout for Writing Task 2, go to this link:

Now, let's try to make a brainstorming for the topic regarding technology and social life based on the layout.


1. Making an Overview

Make an Overview by paying attention to the keywords and give a general introduction explaining the 5W1H.

Some people argue that technological inventions, such as mobile phones, are making people socially less interactive.


a. Technology

- What is technology?

- Why is it created?

- How does it develop and give impact on humans' life?

b. Social life

- How is it affected by technology?

Sample Introduction

Technology is a practical implementation of humans' knowledge, usually in form of daily tools or electrical devices. Humans create technology to improve their life and make everything easier and more efficient. Technology has affected almost all aspects of humans' life, especially their social life. This is because technology brings about several changes in the way people do social interaction.

2. Stating your basis of argument (based on the question)

Question: Do you agree or disagree

Sample Sentence

I personally agree that technology has some disruptive effects on humans' social life and makes them become less sociable

3. Giving balanced argument

- People are more connected. Example: When there is a natural disaster in another part of the world, people will generally know what's going on in there and do something about it like giving donation.

- Communication becomes easier, since technology as overcome problems related to geographical boundaries.

- Technology enables us to create a virtual community that brings about positive impacts. Example: People who work as a teacher can now socialize with other teachers in the virtual world

4. Contrasting Statement

Sample Contrasting Statement

Despite the fact that technology can bring several improvements on humans' life, it is quite inevitable that the positive impacts always to come with a price.

5.Explaining your own arguments

- Technology often causes addiction and make the users neglect their surroundings. For example, when people are gathering for dinner, sometimes, there is a person who keeps looking down and taping on his/her phone instead of talking to other people.

- Because of technology, communication becomes superficial, peole are no longer talking in a real sense.

- Technology makes people more individual since they can do almost anything using their gadget. For example: People used to go to diner or food stall, but now they can just order the food using phones and this may discourage them to get along with other people

6. Giving conclusion and solution

In summary, there are always harms and benefits in the development of technology, and hence, the users have to use it more wisely to minimize the negative disruptive effects of technological advancement on their social life.

This is just the basic structure of the writing, and it can still be developed by providing more examples, evidence, etc.

For complete material on IELTS Writing Task 2, click this link

Material On IELTS Writing Task 2

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