Topic: Government is responsible for assuring the safety of its citizens. For this reason, government should increase spending on defense and reduce spending on social benefits. To what extent do you agree with this notion?

National security recently becomes a serious issue that some people think that it is necessary to have improvement in terms of national defense. However, improving defense will require considerable amount of funding that the authority may have to cut allocation for other sectors such as the social benefits. I personally agree that defense should be enhanced, because security of a nation has a positive correlation with its prosperity.

It is believed that immediate actions have to be taken to bring about betterment for the society. The need for better and affordable health care keeps growing, while budget to provide good schools for the younger generations are also increasing. Unemployment and the rise of poverty also increase society's concern that spending budget on defense may finally seem unnecessary. National security and the its well being are like the two sides of a coin. Improving state's social stability cannot be done without considering the safety of the citizens.

There are more and more threats coming both from inside a country and from the outside world. Conflict and dispute have risen government's concern. The threat is not necessarily in a form of physical attack, it can also manifest itself in other danger such as cyber attack, drug smuggling, human trafficking, et cetera. These attacks will be commonly addressed to the people and improving national defense it the only way to avoid them. Attacks from outside the country should also make us more cautious and improvement in terms of border security is definitely a necessity. In a country with abundant natural resources, defense is also essential. Natural resource them will guarantee the people's prosperity and thus defending from threats such as illegal fishing or smuggling is an important step to take.

In conclusion, national prosperity and social well being depend on the capability of the government to ensure the safety of the residents as well as the natural resouces. Thus, national defense is an important aspect to consider since they are closely related despite the fact that it will require considerable proportion of national spending.

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