There are two different types of IELTS namely the Academic Module and the General Training. There are not so many differences between the two except for their writing. Of course, writing in IELTS Academic Module is more academic since the participants have to deal with objective writing based on data and argumentative writing. So, how about writing in IELTS General Training?

Here are some notions of what test takers have to do in the writing IELTS General Training.
1. In IELTS General Training, the participant will be asked to write a letter in Task 1, whether formal, semi-formal, or informal.
2. The content of the letter is based on some points given in the list, and it depends on the aim of the letter
3. It is better to do Task 1 less than 20 minutes
4. Test takers have to write down 150 words

A sample of writing Task 1 is given based on a topic below:

You live in a dorm in college which you share with a friend of yours. However, there are many problems with the arrangement and you find it difficult to cope with.
Write a letter to the accommodation officer at the college. In the letter, you should:
1. Describe the situation
2. Explain your problems and why it is difficult to cope with the problems.
3. Say what kind of accommodation you prefer.

Sample Writing

Dear Sir/Madame,
I am writing to inform you about the arrangement of accommodation I am currently having and to make a request for a rearrangement.My name is Lou and I live at Brigham dorm. I live here with a friend of mine. There are several problems with the arrangement and I feel that it makes it difficult for me to do well in college and to get along with my roommate.The first problem is the size of the room. I share the room in the first place because I find it more economical. However, I don't think that the room is spacious enough to accommodate two students with a great need for space, electricity, and some other facilities. It seems fine at the first time, but it turns out to be to narrow when we start the course and have to deal with books, computers, and everything. Besides, I also have to go out a great deal and the bus stop is a little bit too far from here. I was thinking about driving my own car to campus but I eventually decided not to since the parking lot no longer supports students' car for free. I also consider the safety since I heard that someone had a break in last month. I would like to suggest some improvements and hope that you will consider it for the betterment of the dormitory. I need to move to another room with more affordable price so that I can have more space for studying. I also think that the dorm needs a security guard especially near the parking lot.I really hope that you kindly take the suggesting and consider making some improvements aforementioned. I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

For your exercise, try to make another writing based on following topic:

You are working for a company, and you think you need to take several days off work. You are going to tell your manager and ask him for permission.

In your writing you should write:
1. Explain how long you want to take days off work
2. Explain why you need to take several days off work
3. Suggest how your work could be covered while you are away

Do this within 20 minutes (or better less than 20).
For my students:
This topic automatically becomes your take home assignment and we will discuss it on the next meeting.
For anyone else:
If you want to give it a try and get your work checked, submit it to freeschool.id@gmail.com
We will discuss this on the next post.

Have fun

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