In the previous post, I already gave material and some tips for IELTS Writing task 1, giving an example of how we should deal with bar graph. Since this post is among the most viewed posts and becomes the featured post, I want to give another sample of Task 1 since I deem it important especially for those who are yet to be familiar with writing for academic module. There are several types of graph and this post focuses mainly on Task 1 Pie chart. Take a look at this graph.

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Pie Charts
The comparison of various production of energy in France in 1995 and 2005 is described by the pie charts. There are five different sources of energy being compared which are coal, gas, petro, nuclear, and other along with the percentage of each energy source. In general, there are two trends in the graph, whether the production increased or decreased. Coal, gas, nuclear and other increased while petro decreased.
In 1995, coal accounted about 29.80% of total energy production, and increased to 30.93% in 2005. Gas contributed 29.63% in 1995 and increased to 30.31% in 2005. These two energy sources upgraded insignificantly of about 1%. Meanwhile, nuclear and other had significant upward trend. Nuclear started from 5.40% and went up to reach 10.10% and hence the increase was quite striking for it nearly reached 5%. Other source of energy also had striking upgrading trend for it started from 4.90% and finally reached 9.10%. Petro was the only fuel that had decreasing trend. It contributed 29.27% of total energy production and ended up accounting about 19.55% and thus the downgrade was quite dramatic.

In summary, the amount of energy production kept changing over year whether increasing or decreasing.

Please note that the template I use for all writings is a result of several years study through trial and error and years of teaching IELTS. As far as I concern, the template is quite simple, yet powerful. It also has helped some folks passing the test so I consider it to be good enough for a start. If you folks have some feedback, suggestions or even critics, feel free to post it on comment or to contact me directly so that I can make improvement for the already existing template.


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