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The pie charts describe the use of water for various purposes along with the percentage in six regions in the world which are North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Central Asia, and South East Asia. The data can be divided into two different trends, based on the dominant use of water for different purposes which are industrial, agricultural, and domestic use.

North America and Europe use water mostly for the sake of industry. Industrial use of water contributes 40% and 53% in North America and Europe respectively. The second highest percentage is the use of water for Agriculture, with the proportion of 39% in North America and 32% in Europe. The least use of water is for the purpose of domestic use accounting for 13% in North America and 15% in Europe.

The dominant use of water for agriculture is presented by the data of South America, accounting for 71% of water use. The numbers are even higher in Africa, Central Asia, and South East Asia, contributing 84%, 88%, and 81% respectively. The second most dominant use of water in South America, Africa, and Central Asia is for domestic use and the least use is for industrial purpose.  Central Asia has the lowest percentage in terms of water usage for industry, contributing only 5%. South East Asia is a little bit different in which the second most dominant use of water is for industrial purpose, of about 12%. The lowest percentage is in domestic use that accounts for 7%. 


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